Earring by Claudia Carbajal. Trousers by Röa, handbag by Atelier Batac and necklace by Claudia Carbajal.

Earring by Claudia Carbajal. Top by Röa, trousers by Ika and earring by Claudia Carbajal.

Dress by Rita Row, earring by Claudia Calbajal and shoes by Miista. Top by Röa, skirt by Röa and earring by Claudia Calbajal. Photography by Laura Leal, fashion by Maria Davila, art direction and set design by Marcia Lennona, hair and makeup by Mariona Botella, fashion assistance by Isabel Domènech and modeling by Diana Gelzina@Blow Models. Creative info: Laura Leal,  Marcia Lennona and Maria Davila.